The relapse pre-vention program’s as important as alcohol treatment. It’s found – with time some treated patients relapsing back to addiction due to lack of family support & love. This falling back of patients results in severe repercussions making it impossible for patient to become sober again..

The alcoholism treatment centers pre-vent relapse in three steps – namely – medication of patient – support & encouragement from family members & motivation of ex-addicts to take part in different co-mmunity services.

The patient’s also co-unseled on various ways to resist temptation of addiction. Trained & experienced co-unselors carry out intensive co-unseling with patients.Why not look here: longterm inpatient drug rehab

The second important step in relapse pre-vention’s encouragement from family members. The family members must also participate in co-unseling sessions & help pre-vent fall back of patient. They make patient feel good & co-nfident by spending some quality time with him/her & by going on short trips regularly after treatment. This de-velops bond between ex-addict & his family members & takes away any negative thoughts & feelings from him/her.

The alcohol treatment centers along with family members take third step & motivate ex-addict to participate in numerous co-mmunity services. The ex-addicts’re made to join campaigns & educate people on evils related to alcoholism. The ex-addicts also made to take part in public gatherings & seminars to talk about their personal experiences. Such co-mmunity services’ve proved to be highly efficient in removing negative thoughts from ex-addicts’ minds.